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That was terrible.


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SuperColoroid responds:

oh F!!!!!

It was cool, I had to say it.

Awesome, nuff said.


I dont know about the few bad comments, but I found this was pretty artistic.The concept is strong and bizarre as you always do. Bravo.

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Not what I expected

First of, I hated the scenes you made it look like a game when they talk. You also need to improve your fighting scenes, the attacks seems so predictable, maybe because it seems quite slow in some way.

It was yet entretaining. Not a bad story, I had never been a fan of MMORPG so I haven't seen it your best script, started to be boring after it seemed way too long. Good voice acting and sound in general.

Like Oney and others said around, don't do a lazy animation just to show your ideas or just to increase your popularity, you have more skill than this. You improved your drawings this time and not gonna criticize it because it's your own style.

I like the idea you're doing something original this time and not a Parody or a Mario video and tryng somethign like your old sprite movies but by your own graphics. I give you a 7, I hope it's fair.

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My review

The movie came out really well. When first made the story board didn't expect to see some funny deatils Jaco added before. That made it even better. It was hard to being critic with this while we were doing this, Jaco has to redo some clips but we did really well and came out this perfect movie. I loved all of this, I amazed for life.

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Quality Stuff

These are the short animations on Newgrounds which wins Frontpage and such.

Amazing work.

True reviews are above 10

Great message in this game. Newbie users need to smoke weed every day like we did years ago.

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Perfect Score

All part did fix pretty good together. Good job everyone and Happy Lock Day!

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FlashShark responds:

Thanks man, and happy Lockday back!


This is a classic animation at Spain, I was impacted when I seen this here, on Newgrounds. This was basically the 'boom' that made this serie being popular and hope this English version is going to be the same. Try put the correct video sizes next time, it looks quite ugly :)

PD. Por un momento pensé que os habían robado :O Pensáis subir más temporadas? Ojala gané este episodio un award virtual aquí en NG.

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