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This gave me anxiety. Good job.

FelixMassie responds:


My gamecube pad stick broke while wave dashing.

Sonucais responds:

But you don't have a gamecube pad...

I love it!

Me encanta, sigue así!

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Be sure to try out the Android version of this game, much better there, this is just like the pocket version of it :) I will just complain about the difficulty curve in this version, it is too hardcore already in level 4.

Edit: Definitive version on Wii U. Support us there if you can afford it! Thanks!


Fun game but it has a serious glitch. Whne you use Shoop da Whoop special and click some enemy (or press a key) on a enemy, it does a fata glitch where you can't shot anymore and even worse, you can't die, so the score can't be submitted. Scores still works, and goes level up and such but not playable anymore.

Review here

First off, like you said, the game is not easy but I have to say I hate the controls. I would have loved it to have the action control at the right side and the controls at the left, some people really needs controls like that, such A,D and G.

Anyway, the level designs are really really good. The art style really remembers me to Cave Story and the music... well... it turns really really annoying, some variety would have make the game better (yes, i know you can disable it). And well...

Its Okay to receive hate reviews, the game made me angry actually xD Hard game, oh yeah, not gonna try get the medals, keep in mind for next one.

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I can feel The Flintstones vibes in this.

OmegaT responds:

Siiva moment


Totally using this for one of my movies.


Damn, that was so hot, I mean SO FUCKING HOT! That was pretty addictive and perfect for a boss battle, I could already imaginate it and it loops perfectly! Woah! Good job here dude! I can noticie the effort.

DarKsidE555 responds:

I hope you didn't burn yourself! :(

I hope the Behemoth will think of this the same as you! Would make me proud...a little! :)

Thanks for the support mate!

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The animation is good but God, Twisted, it's a 10.7MB gif.

TwistedGrim responds:

YES, I knooooww... this is the lowest best quality I could reach for this animation as a GIF. The first ones were over 50mb LOL

Thank you! <3

Uhm, ok. I feel it's missing something. Waluigi was already a princess.

The style...

Woah man, gotta love this style of Mario sprite. It's really funny, and cute! The colors are really good too. For some reason, Mario, looks amazed, lol. Good job. My favorite one is the Tanuki one with Mario dress.

Trying to live a new peaceful life making games. Classic Arcade is the best.

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