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Sonucais's News

Posted by Sonucais - April 21st, 2022


@Markanime recently released his second game on the Nintendo Wii U, also available on Nintendo Switch this time. All 2D graphics were drawn in Flash, just like any of his animations.

It also features some music tracks by me, like this one. This is the second time I made music for a commercial game that is also released on consoles. I was invited to produce some tracks in 2017, that was 5 years ago!

You can read Mark's announcement here, give him some love.


¡Feliz jueves!




Posted by Sonucais - October 2nd, 2021

Hello Newgrounds Community.

I joined a 168 hours gamejam last week, the most important yearly Spain gamejam (I really needed to disconnect) and I solo-made Chair Bound! I wasn't able to finish it but I will eventually complete it and submit it to the Portal. Current version is stable though.

Edit: I won 3rd place on sound category.

By the way, works flawless on Ruffle. You can watch the trailer below.

I'm also working on making touch controls (with JavaScript) for phone users for the Ruffle version and will try to implement gamepad support as well. Remember, Flash does not allow multi-touch this solution was needed. Everything will be included in RetroFlash Toolkit.


Posted by Sonucais - July 22nd, 2021

Edit: I'm so busy with personal life atm, everything is stand by.


I've been working on something really cool I call RetroFlash Toolkit. Before you ask me about Flash Forwarder Tools v2, I will come back to that once I finish this one because I didn't feel motivated with some issues I had with it and I really would appreciate help.

So? What the heck is RetroFlash? If you followed my gamedev progress, you might know I've two* recent games made in Flash, one of them is uploaded here, on Newgrounds. I'm talking about Suenio.

*ᵀʰᵉ ᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᵒⁿᵉ ᶦˢ ᵂᵃᶦᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᵀʰᵉ ᵂᵃᶦᵗᵉʳˢ

Suenio it's kinda of a special game, why? The game actually plays at 60 frames per second on a rendered Movieclip where the game actually is making it pixel perfect. There's later an overlay above it for scanlines and NG Medals. This kind of stuff wasn't possible back then because it would lag so much, not a problem nowadays (unless you run it in a potato, you will turn it into fries). This was more than a year ago. RetroFlash has been in development since then and it made huge progresses. Also, code is much clean now.

First of, I want to say that it's made in AS2 but that doesn't mean it's compatible with Ruffle (not yet). I also doesn't mean you can't play the games on your browser since I'm giving a lot of options where you can disable the render.

So what can RetroFlash exactly do? (God, I'm so bad at explaining this kind of stuff)

  • Pixel Perfect Rendering: Make your games feel retro
  • Semi-automatic depth system with layers: Ready to make beat 'em up / RPG games.
  • Configuration Menu: Like entering on an arcade settings menu
  • Game Options: Change the value of something you declared from the game easily.
  • Remapping controls: Easy to customize and testing your control bindings
  • Reduce Frame Rate: Rendering lagging? Render at half speed.
  • Scanlines Customization: brightness, texture, opacity, you know...
  • CRT Emulation: Rendering blur (for games that not meant to be viewed as raw pixels)
  • Sound Manager: Play music with intro and loops, fade it, sound effects, and more...
  • Save Manager: Save easy your game progress.
  • Open Source: Under MIT Licence.
  • Probably forgot something: Dude, this is more complex than it looks like.


Video version


Some devmenu options. If the developer enables it, accessible by pressing F2.


RetroFlash Component and some default parameters. Lifes variable linked to the devmenu.

That's all for now. I post some progress on Twitter.


Posted by Sonucais - April 24th, 2021


Version 1 is available to download here.

⚠️ I've been working on Flash Forwarder Tools v2, however, it's still in development.

No link for now but I might need beta testers. Please, contact me if interested.

Seriously, contact me.



This means you will be able to unlock medals and other stuff.

Kudos to @little-rena, I used her submission to test it.

Newgrounds Flash Player not working?

Welp, we can just replace the executable file with Flash Forwarder Tools v2!

  • The main app is based on the latest Flash Player version available
  • Does not require additional installations or tweaks.
  • It can automatically assign the .swf file type to directly open any Flash file.
  • Loading content from Newgrounds through the NG Player Launcher link is not a problem anymore.
  • It is capable to load content from other websites by providing the link (if an SWF file is found)
  • Download your favourite Flash, open them offline or even make standalone projectors!

... and more

Not all the features will be available on Linux & Mac.


It's looking much better now.

Also, I broke my Newgrounds Flash Player.

Uninstalled it and I can't make it work again. I've the same problem people comments me.

I'm sad.


Posted by Sonucais - February 21st, 2021

As you already know, I made a guide about how to get Flash working with Newgrounds Flash Player. I've been reading so many comments about people who just can't get Newgrounds Player even with the latest update.

I've been developing an extra solution to help those who just can't run Flash anymore on Newgrounds. It does not require having Flash installed or anything else, since it uses the projector you execute itself.

Flash Forwarder Tools will open any Flash content from Newgrounds by providing it's link or id submission. It also features a submission randomizer (with rating filter) and a quick access to the three last played. It can't use the Newgrounds API but it can easily play all the Flash content on the portal.


I need someone to confirm if the MacOS version works. I know Big Sur have permission issues. MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 seems not to work. Is someone interested helping out on making FFT work on Mac?

Version 2.0 is in progress. It will have a modern redesign, categories, favorites and more. You can read about the latest progress here https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1161855

ChangeLog for version 1.1

  • Renamed the project to Flash Forwarder Tools
  • Now uses Flash Player
  • MacOS Support (Kudos to @Markanime)

ChangeLog for version 1.2

  • Disabled Adult filter by default
  • Added download SWF button
  • Minor cosmetic changes

ChangeLog for version 1.3

  • Search games with keywords (kinda)
  • Minor cosmetic changes



Posted by Sonucais - January 19th, 2021

It has been 4967 days since Furry Random Stuffs 4 should've been released... What happened?

The movie was finished but never published. Why? As I was saying last year I'd been fighting a hard depression for years. FRS4 was going to be a collab that had at least 1 clip from @Dan-Dark, @RupeeClock, @SuperColoroid, @rebaz and from some others I can't remember their names because I lost some of my memories!

So, what now? Better late than never. FRS4 is being released this month on 31th but as a solo project. I'm adapting old content to be more fresh, widescreen adapted and sprite-free. I'm adding new content from recent years as well (I don't animate much anyway).

This animation will work with no problem with Ruffle. I'm working hard.

Edit: Seems like the deadline for the jam extended one more month so I will not rush it.

That's all. Thanks for reading.


Posted by Sonucais - January 12th, 2021

📢 Newgrounds Player 1.0.7 is now out! Should fix most of problems in this guide. If does not work, try using Internet Explorer without uninstalling it. Check Flash Forwarder Tools if still doesn't work. I'll eventually finish that project because we still don't have a solution for not Windows users!

📢 I made Flash Forwarder Tools, an alternative to NG Flash Player for those who can't get Flash work! For Windows and MacOS. It's still in development and we will expect big changes on v2!

I personally can't recommend using the browser Flash plugins (Chrome/Firefox) anymore, it can be risky for your computer from now on. Use the Newgrounds Player instead! It works all the API functions, such as medals, saves, leaderboards... And don't forget to enable it on your Account Settings. If you need to play offline content, check the three first points on Extra Stuff at the end of the post.


If nothing here seems to work, read the comments! I'm trying to help people!


There's another workaround suggested by @dclxvi-satan and other guys on Twitter / Reddit. Tested it on my laptop (Flash Player version and Newgrounds Player worked perfectly!


Extract the mms.cfg file to BOTH System32 AND SysWOW64 directories!

🐧 @NeonSpider shared where to place the mms.cfg on Linux. All details inside.

🦊 @APace has also posted instructions for Firefox users to enable Flash, including Mac users.

🤓 @Alexander auto-patching solution.

Enabling Flash after 12012021 https://ironrage.fandom.com/wiki/Enabling_Flash_after_12012021

For Browsers it would be:

%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\mms.cfg
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\mms.cfg

What's inside mms.cfg (UTF-8 encoding)?



@spiele-umsonst made an interesting post about making flash files run again into software. Here's the post with some extra mms.cfg tricks.

🔰 How to Make Windows Show File Extensions



What is this? Why is this even happening?

Alright, if I'm not wrong, this only happens on older Windows versions. If you are on Windows 8/10 this should not be happening. This problem seems to be happening because your computer does have a problem with your current Flash Player installation, probably because it's broken or not fully uninstalled. This Flash Player installation has nothing to do with the browser plugins.

What you need to do is simple, totally uninstall it. But how? Well, I can't tell because I didn't have this problem but I did a research on this error. Follow these steps and we MIGHT fix it. User @JustSimon23 confirmed this worked for him.


Try using the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller (close everything and open as Administrator). Full instructions here.

Remove everything inside these folders (not the folder, just the content inside):

%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player

Restart your computer and try installing "install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" (it's on your Newgrounds Player installation folder) again.

🔔 If it keeps failing, keep reading.

Right click on "install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" and click uninstall. This step might do something.

Open Windows Registry (regedit) and delete the below keys if you find them:

Be sure to know what are you doing here!



🔔 Some people deleted all the numbers in there and seemed to fix the problem but just delete these two and if the installation keeps failing, try deleting all of them.

Restart your computer and try installing install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi now. If fails, try compatibility mode (Right click → Properties → Compatibility tab).

I think at this point, it should be working. If it isn't, is your Windows up to date?

Please, share your experiences with this error guide as you will be helping others.

FlowKen9 says: To solve the error 1722 problem, you'll need 7zip installed for this (tried it with winrar, it don't do it). Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\newgrounds\newgrounds player, right click the .msi included, go to 7zip, open archive. scroll down until you see a data1.cab file, and drag that to your desktop. open the cab file, drag the file inside it to your desktop. Right click it, open properties, navigate to compatibility tab, checkmark the compatibility mode box, set the drop down menu to windows vista, click ok. Now you run the .exe file you took from the cab file, and there you go, Error 1722 problem SOLVED!!!!!



Today I found out I couldn't play more Flash content even with the Newgrounds Player.

Did a little research on the forums and I wasn't the only one. So what's happening?!


During this year, Adobe or Microsoft (who tf cares) released some "security" updates through Windows Update. As far as I know, there are two updates which include something that makes Flash not load properly (image above).

What they basically did is check the Windows date value and block the content. That means that if you change your date to 2020 it will work again even with these security updates (because Flash shouldn't be dead by then).



I told you already! Let's uninstall these updates!

Alternative: Or you can use RunAsDate (Run a program with the specified date/time)

Assuming you are on Win8/10, go to Windows Update Update History Uninstall Updates.

Uninstall the Security Updates for Adobe Flash Player one by one from most recent to older until it works. I had to uninstall two updates. When I found this problem I was on (you can check this on NG Player by right clicking).


Uninstalling one update (October 2020) will downgrade to Still didn't work.

Uninstalled one more update (June 2020). Now it's perfectly working on

So yeah, the most stable version working seems to be

Related: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462600



Use this just in case you need it.



Posted by Sonucais - November 15th, 2020

This is a quick announcement about Suenio. We are updating it to version 3.0. We've listened the community and we're actually adding new features to the game prototype.

Suenio was developed back in March in a 48 hours game jam. We updated things that couldn't make it into the first version and then we uploaded it to Newgrounds. There will be tons of improvements in the new update:

  • Full mouse support
  • When clicking Suenio he will pause for 1.5 seconds
  • Camera improvements and bug fixes
  • You are now able to unchain objects
  • New item: Sand Clock, adds time to your life
  • New element: Water, it wakes you up
  • Retry again dialog to keep playing or go to the main menu
  • Optimization for slower computers (removed unnecessary filters)
  • Options menu with several options such scanlines or fps
  • How to play is being replaced by a tutorial stage
  • Two more stages? Three maybe?
  • Additional Ruffle version?

This update will be released this month and I have another game still in development to upload next month: Wait For The Waiters.

Posted by Sonucais - April 8th, 2020

Good afternoon Newgrounds,

Just like I said on my last entry, I would start uploading more content to Newgrounds once again.

Last weeks I've been joining gamejams and I already uploaded the Isoulated Soundtrack to the Audio Portal.

Today I've something bigger that also came from a gamejam, Suenio. As the author of the game with the help from Markanime and Moises9000yt, I'm very happy with the final result.


I hope you will like it. Let me know what you think about it.




Posted by Sonucais - January 2nd, 2020

Aloha Newgrounds, and happy new year everyone.

I've had some busy years fighting depression, surviving modern life and responsibilities. It has been over a decade that I stopped submitting stuff to Newgrounds but studying gamedev by my own and practicing secretly without showing anything (because of a toxic harsh self-criticism).

A new decade is starting and I'd like to change some things. First, being more positive. Secondly, give it a shoot on my dreams now that I've the skills. And finally, be more active on Newgrounds once again. That's why I just uploaded El Silla: Arcade Edition soundtrack to the Audio Portal. Enjoy!

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Main Menu

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Arcade Mode

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Cirno's Theme

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Try Again

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Choose your fighter!

El Silla - Arcade Edition: VS Mode

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Classic Medley

El Silla - Arcade Edition: Who is Calling?

This game was developed by MarkAnime and it's available on several platforms.

If you'd like to know future gamedev updates from me, follow this twitter account.