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2013-02-22 06:58:21 by Sonucais

Busy, bye.


Free Puyo Puyo Fever Online

2012-04-24 22:05:40 by Sonucais

I don't usually make posts like this but I had been told about a remake of Puyo Pop Fever to play online created by and it's actually pretty well done. The game itself comes without characters, music and just some custom art to play it.

I've made a package of mods I've seen around and included them inside this rar already ready to play it.

Have fun.

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League of Legends

2012-04-22 16:31:06 by Sonucais

My redesign review

2012-02-08 13:06:06 by Sonucais

This is a little review I made after few hours using the redesign. I'm disappointed and pleased at same time.

First off, the collections are quite a disaster. I miss the collection icon or link at any movie/game page. I'll like this feature was added again so I can redirect to a collection page from the related submission. Channels Collections page could show some more recent updated collections too.

Turd of the week seems to be a removed feature. Nothing wrong at all, I will surely miss it but at last make an icon for it, these just show up as a black square on the old movies.

The revenue stats are still broken, it was supposed to be fixed with the redesign but seems not, hope it's fixed soon, it's an issue when I want to show up All-Time earnings supposing I had been years.

Yesterday I was quite shocked, my first reaction was awful... Today I wake up and gave it another try, now I actually liked it. It is harder to navigate than before but everything is more organized. The redesign is comfortable but will still take a time thought.

Most I like from the redesign is the design (d'oh!). Nice backgrounds, nice colors, nice everything. I hope the chat will come sometime soon... (please?) or at last bring back some Friday broadcast again.

I will miss the old Newgrounds, welcome aboard new Newgrounds! Good work to the staff.

I know a secret...

2011-12-04 07:59:46 by Sonucais

Dei-Sama is from Canada but he pretended to be Japanese with few English skills. Proof? This is what my deviantART visitors map said, easy. I woner who will read... sive-adobe-ceases-development-on-mobil e-browser-flash-refocuses-efforts-on-h tml5/19226

I know some Android flash developers will interest as well. They now want to focus
on HTML5. So far, their FLA to HTML5 sucks so bad, hope they work can do a great conversion someday so Adobe would have taken such a great decision after all.

And what's next?...

2011-10-23 14:49:16 by Sonucais

NinJaco and me had been working on a Halloween movie. We read all reviews from The Magician and learned how to improve our work. The movie is doing quite well, although we are short of time. We plan to submit it next 31th. Will we finish it? Find out next monday.

And what's next?...

Thank you Newgrounds for all the reviews, all your good comments about the movie, the votes, the views... We loved to work making the movie for you all. We'll try to bring Jaco a Cintiq with the cash somehow, we still need some so we are already working for a Halloween movie, you must not miss it out! Congratulations to the rest of the winners, it has been sure an intense Madness Day.

Tom offered us some days ago to broadcast 'The Magician' on the Newgrounds Roku Channel and we accepted, so if you have a chance, you can watch the short in full 1080p definition. In other words, we have uploaded the movie to YouTube.

Did you know 'The Magician' has few Easter Eggs?

The Magician: Easter Eggs

2011-09-23 08:30:12 by Sonucais

Haven't watched our Madness Day movie yet? Go watch "The Magician" right now!
In the movie we have few Easter Eggs, I will show you 'em in this journal:

1.- One of them is that the very first background has a building with a Creeper face.
You can't actually see this in the movie but I'm showing it to you with a picture :)

2.- When you click at the porno magazine from that guy, it will redirect you to a
YouTube video. This video shows the original story board animated by me.

3.- There's a wall almost at the end of the movie wich has written "Hank Was Here".

4.- At the credits, we see there's an small text that says "Al La FIN".

The Magician: Easter Eggs

Madness Day

2011-09-18 12:11:46 by Sonucais

It's almost here! I had been working with with full storyboard, being critic and fix few animation sequences. We're going to recover the root comedy from old Madness in our project and we hope you'll have a good laugh. Not so long, not so short... 1 minute and 25 seconds full of glorious frame-by-frame movie. Our goal?...We need to bring Jaco a Wacom Cintiq 12WX to make commercial games!

The movie will be submited to the Portal next Thursday.

Madness Day