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NG Player not working anymore? Solution inside!

Posted by Sonucais - January 12th, 2021

πŸ“’ Newgrounds Player 1.0.7 is now out! Should fix most of problems in this guide. If does not work, try using Internet Explorer without uninstalling it. Check Flash Forwarder Tools if still doesn't work. I'll eventually finish that project because we still don't have a solution for not Windows users!

πŸ“’ I made Flash Forwarder Tools, an alternative to NG Flash Player for those who can't get Flash work! For Windows and MacOS. It's still in development and we will expect big changes on v2!

I personally can't recommend using the browser Flash plugins (Chrome/Firefox) anymore, it can be risky for your computer from now on. Use the Newgrounds Player instead! It works all the API functions, such as medals, saves, leaderboards... And don't forget to enable it on your Account Settings. If you need to play offline content, check the three first points on Extra Stuff at the end of the post.


If nothing here seems to work, read the comments! I'm trying to help people!


There's another workaround suggested by @dclxvi-satan and other guys on Twitter / Reddit. Tested it on my laptop (Flash Player version and Newgrounds Player worked perfectly!


Extract the mms.cfg file to BOTH System32 AND SysWOW64 directories!


🐧 @NeonSpider shared where to place the mms.cfg on Linux. All details inside.

🦊 @APace has also posted instructions for Firefox users to enable Flash, including Mac users.

πŸ€“ @Alexander auto-patching solution.

Enabling Flash after 12012021 https://ironrage.fandom.com/wiki/Enabling_Flash_after_12012021

For Browsers it would be:

%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\mms.cfg
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\mms.cfg


What's inside mms.cfg (UTF-8 encoding)?




@spiele-umsonst made an interesting post about making flash files run again into software. Here's the post with some extra mms.cfg tricks.

πŸ”° How to Make Windows Show File Extensions



What is this? Why is this even happening?

Alright, if I'm not wrong, this only happens on older Windows versions. If you are on Windows 8/10 this should not be happening. This problem seems to be happening because your computer does have a problem with your current Flash Player installation, probably because it's broken or not fully uninstalled. This Flash Player installation has nothing to do with the browser plugins.

What you need to do is simple, totally uninstall it. But how? Well, I can't tell because I didn't have this problem but I did a research on this error. Follow these steps and we MIGHT fix it. User @JustSimon23 confirmed this worked for him.


Try using the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller (close everything and open as Administrator). Full instructions here.

Remove everything inside these folders (not the folder, just the content inside):

%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player


Restart your computer and try installing "install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" (it's on your Newgrounds Player installation folder) again.

πŸ”” If it keeps failing, keep reading.

Right click on "install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi" and click uninstall. This step might do something.

Open Windows Registry (regedit) and delete the below keys if you find them:

Be sure to know what are you doing here!




πŸ”” Some people deleted all the numbers in there and seemed to fix the problem but just delete these two and if the installation keeps failing, try deleting all of them.

Restart your computer and try installing install_flash_player_32_active_x.msi now. If fails, try compatibility mode (Right click β†’ Properties β†’ Compatibility tab).

I think at this point, it should be working. If it isn't, is your Windows up to date?

Please, share your experiences with this error guide as you will be helping others.

FlowKen9 says: To solve the error 1722 problem, you'll need 7zip installed for this (tried it with winrar, it don't do it). Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\newgrounds\newgrounds player, right click the .msi included, go to 7zip, open archive. scroll down until you see a data1.cab file, and drag that to your desktop. open the cab file, drag the file inside it to your desktop. Right click it, open properties, navigate to compatibility tab, checkmark the compatibility mode box, set the drop down menu to windows vista, click ok. Now you run the .exe file you took from the cab file, and there you go, Error 1722 problem SOLVED!!!!!



Today I found out I couldn't play more Flash content even with the Newgrounds Player.

Did a little research on the forums and I wasn't the only one. So what's happening?!


During this year, Adobe or Microsoft (who tf cares) released some "security" updates through Windows Update. As far as I know, there are two updates which include something that makes Flash not load properly (image above).

What they basically did is check the Windows date value and block the content. That means that if you change your date to 2020 it will work again even with these security updates (because Flash shouldn't be dead by then).



I told you already! Let's uninstall these updates!

Alternative: Or you can use RunAsDate (Run a program with the specified date/time)

Assuming you are on Win8/10, go toΒ Windows Update β†’ Update History β†’ Uninstall Updates.

Uninstall the Security Updates for Adobe Flash Player one by one from most recent to older until it works. I had to uninstall two updates. When I found this problem I was on (you can check this on NG Player by right clicking).


Uninstalling one update (October 2020) will downgrade to Still didn't work.

Uninstalled one more update (June 2020). Now it's perfectly working on

So yeah, the most stable version working seems to be

Related: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462600




Use this just in case you need it.

  • Adobe Flash Player (executable): Standalone version of Adobe Flash Player (final release). This is the most stable version but it can't create projectors. Can be used to play downloaded SWF files. Download for Linux and Macintosh.
  • Adobe Flash Player (executable): The latest version of Adobe Flash Player that enabled to create standalone (akaΒ projectors or executables) players without the original FLA. Go to File β†’ Open and browse your SWF file.
  • SUENIO direct SWF download: This is one game that does not work with Ruffle. Download the original SWF file for testing with the previous executables.
  • iu_225452_1253649.png




Thanks! Very useful. Problem solverz!

This works alright, except for me, the updates reverted me to, which works fine too.

Also thanks for linking my original post.

But it works, that's what matters

Super annoying.

I installed a flash emulator called Ruffle to work around the issue. For opera I just downloaded the chrome version of the plugin and managed extensions to load it unpacked.

Ruffle.rs is the site. I've used up my front page but feel free to post this for the struggle bus beans

The problem with Ruffle is that it will be in development for years until is totally stable. All my content is in AS2 but it uses filters and other advanced shit and all that won't work on Ruffle until whoever knows when. Let's not even talk about AS3.

Seems like a bit of a security risk to your machine, just to play hentai flash games.

Flash always has been a risk to our machines, this is why it's dead ;)

hmm... do you know of any better workarounds other than disable updates? Because my computer likes to do that dumb $#!7 all the time

Change your Windows date to 2020. Other workaround would be to download the SWF and drag the file into a Flash Player executable (not from NG)

Thanks. But also kill me lol

If I'm not wrong, the perfect solution you're looking for might be to understand how exactly works Flash Player on Windows and modify the hexadecimal verification number from 2021 to 2069, so you would no need to change the date anymore.

Not a programmer, but hopefully someone who is will glance here. I wouldn't have even thought of that

i don't have any of those installed in the first place! NG Player is trying to install AX Flash Player 32 in order to work. The Flash Player installer included with NG Player can't work anymore.

Thats's because the NG Player uses Flash Player to load the content. If I'm not wrong, any offline Flash Player instalation should be fine.

This doesn't work for me :-(

Please, give us more details. Your current Flash version (right click on the NG Flash Player), Windowd version...

Thanks! Went to play a really old game and learned I couldn't play. Thanks for the tip!

If it is a really old game without a complex AS2 code or Filters it will probably work perfect or almost perfect with Ruffle! Play the game like this if Ruffle is not enabled by default!


I don't have any of those updates. And I've already tried reinstalling the ng player.

@DamnWei @Sonucais I tried. I can only install Flash Player NPAPI plugin. NG Player requires the AX version of Flash Player... which is included in its installation... which doesn't work. Gave me a Error 1722. As for offline Flash Players. I have the standalone Trang Player 11, which NG Player obviously isn't detecting.

I'm updating the post with info about this 1722 error.

>I have the standalone Trang Player 11, which NG Player obviously isn't detecting.
Misspelled. Trong Flash Player 11. It's included as part of a tool for converting SWFs to EXEs.

Can't seem to uninstall mine, I have the October update only but when I click it nothing happens.

Check the blog entry again. There's a solution to bypass Flash's killswitch without uninstalling anything.

This sounds quite risky to play some flash games. I mean I'm not a fan of Windows updates, but I know that they also do it to keep the OS secured from exploits and what not.

Is there really no other way around? From what I gathered, it's either do this or have every artist change their games from Flash to something else...yikes!

This sucks...

Thank you for this!

If you think about it, Adobe will not update Flash from now on. We just removed two small updates (you can read the update logs, I linked them), but all in all, if we want to keep Flash means we need to be more careful of what we load from now on (which won't be on our browsers, that for sure). Flash was never safe, this is why it died, just don't load unsafe stuff. If it is on Newgrounds or your favourite author, go ahead, won't hurt you.

how about windows 7?

I can't not help you there because I couldn't test but you probably can uninstall Flash Player with "uninstall_flash_player.exe" from Adobe and reinstall NG Flash Player again (witch will install you Flash Player if I'm not wrong). You can also find and install the offline version from Flash Player. Be sure to disable updates when installing Flash Player.

You can delete ng player and reinstall

On Windows 8, 8.1, 10 uninstalling NG Player and reinstalling won't fix this issue if the Windows updates are installed.

Hey, I tried to do that but unfortunately didn't work:(. I have the version of flash player. I would be really thankful if you could help me.

@Toast927 @Sonucais I just downloaded it today soo I just asumed that

You are a saint, dude!

We are all doing our best!

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