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Flash Forwarder Tools: A NG Flash Player alternative (Windows & MacOS)

Posted by Sonucais - February 21st, 2021

As you already know, I made a guide about how to get Flash working with Newgrounds Flash Player. I've been reading so many comments about people who just can't get Newgrounds Player even with the latest update.

I've been developing an extra solution to help those who just can't run Flash anymore on Newgrounds. It does not require having Flash installed or anything else, since it uses the projector you execute itself.

Flash Forwarder Tools will open any Flash content from Newgrounds by providing it's link or id submission. It also features a submission randomizer (with rating filter) and a quick access to the three last played. It can't use the Newgrounds API but it can easily play all the Flash content on the portal.


I need someone to confirm if the MacOS version works. I know Big Sur have permission issues. MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 seems not to work. Is someone interested helping out on making FFT work on Mac?

Version 2.0 is in progress. It will have a modern redesign, categories, favorites and more. You can read about the latest progress here https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1161855

ChangeLog for version 1.1

  • Renamed the project to Flash Forwarder Tools
  • Now uses Flash Player
  • MacOS Support (Kudos to @Markanime)

ChangeLog for version 1.2

  • Disabled Adult filter by default
  • Added download SWF button
  • Minor cosmetic changes

ChangeLog for version 1.3

  • Search games with keywords (kinda)
  • Minor cosmetic changes




Why isn't there a way to save News Posts!

Would be a nice feature.

Wow, thanks, it works and fixed the NG player problem of when I press enter and the content freezing.

It just takes me to what looks like a screenshot of a video player with a play button on it. There's nothing to click and nothing happens

Hello ChronoRulez, can you send me an screenshot of that play button?

It works for me pretty good tried two games works fine i think.

I just updated to v1.1 in case you want to redownload it :)

@ChronoRulez @Sonucais
it works now, but there was a different thing to click on (one for windows one for mac; that wasn't there before)

@ChronoRulez @Sonucais it downloaded but it won't open

Can you make a tool that downloads swfs from Newgrounds to your disk?

Adding the button download it in few hours.

@CzySzy i already make a tutorial about this, if you want to know please check my post


Just added this option to Flash Forwarder Tools.

I made something similar on python, but its consol based

Thank you so much for this :)
I couldn't make NG player work again, no matter what, it's a shame tbh.

Very cool work-around. It's weird that most games function, but I found one that's responding strangely.


Searching with the ID gets nothing. The link download says it's deleted or not flash. If I Forward it anyways, it plays "super hero creator 2.0" instead. It's the only one I've found that behaves this way

It's because Save the Princess Gayme! it's actually not a Flash game, it's GameMaker Studio 2

I haven't been able to properly play Flash Games in Newgrounds players, which has started to get me very worried. Then I see your app. I installed it, checked out if it worked with Super Mario 63 (it did), and then I ran a random link, which led me to a crude animation of a bunch of stickmen fighting each other.

mah favorites

Thank you, kind sir.

Hoping it becoming a great app. I'm currently working on a redesign with new options.

Even if Microsoft seems hellbent on breaking flash support and by extension the Newgrounds player, least this is a good alternative.

A question: I don't suppose you can earn Newgrounds medals with this tool?

No you can't.

it isn't working for me. when i open it, it justs stays on a blank white screen. and when i try to load a game, it doesn't do anything.

Open it as administrator and tell me if works.

Ever since the death of flash I've just been trying to find a way to play Sonny 2, and since Newgrounds Player (even after uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version) doesn't seem to be working and according to armorgames its not compatable with ruffle I decided to try this.

It doesn't work, major graphical issues and the descriptions and names of every stat, item and ability just say 'undefined'. what's going on?

I tried Sonny II on Flash Forwarder Tools and NG Flash Player and I've no idea how the game was made but seems to work on NG Flash Player.

So what can you do? Use Flash Forwarder Tools like this:
- Put 492477 on the search bar and click the Download button.
- It will download "492477_Sonny2_Version2_2.swf"
- Right click the file and go Open With -> Last option
- Search the Flash Forwarder Tools exe

Weird question but is Flash Forwarder Tools safe to download? I get a pop up saying "Windows protected your PC" and it tells me that this app might put my PC at risk.

It was made in Flash 8 and compiled in the latest Flash Player. Is 100% safe I swear.

@Mr-Meme-Man @Sonucais ok let me try

That has in fact worked, thank you! helps that the SWF file is smaller than I expected so there's no harm in keeping it around.

This just opens as the default white screen of the projector for me.

That's just weird and I'd love to know more about this.

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